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There are many birds needing homes. If you are considering another bird, please think about adopting. Call one of the following rescue/adoption groups. They all have many wonderful birds just waiting for someone to come and take them home. If you hear of a bird which needs rescuing, one of these organizations can help you with that also. There are also some organizations listed below that provide a knowledge base for learning more about bird care and training.

Click HERE for more information on Parrots First

Click HERE for more information on The Lily Sanctuary

Fine Feathered Friends Foundation

Click HERE for more information Parrot Education and Adoption Center

Click HERE for more information on Parrot Rehabilitation Society.

Friends of Parrots Rescue and Adoption

  Click HERE for Parrot Professors

Click HERE for Behavior Works

Click HERE for Good Bird, Inc.

Click HERE for International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Click HERE for American Federation of Aviculture

Click HERE for Avicultural Society of America